ISLAMABAD-Drew Barrymore reprised her Never Been Kissed role of Josie Geller on the latest episode of her new talk-show. The 45 year old starred in the 1999 movie as a journalist who disguises herself as a teenage geek to report on the goings-on at a high school. For her latest avatar on her talk show Drew played Josie as she appeared undercover - the dorky schoolgirl ‘Josie Grossie’ who dreams of being a reporter. Drew invited ‘Josie’ onto the show and gave her a chance to report on the ongoing presidential election circus for her Drew’s News segment. Josie like Drew herself would have been in high school in the late 1980s so the assignment led to a bit of confusion. She did report on the presidential election but she was talking about the one between George Bush Sr. and Michael Dukakis in 1988. ‘Oh, Josie, you’ve missed so much. A lot has happened since 1988,’ says Drew sympathetically, prompting Josie to cheerfully say that ‘my money is on Michael Dukakis. Never underestimate an underdog! Have you seen Karate KId?’