The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is intensifying day by day. The surrounding areas of Nagorno-Karabakh are controlled by Azerbaijan and Armenia. Casualties have occurred in Ganja, a city of 330,000 residents, where separatist forces fighting for Armenia are shelling ruthlessly on civilians. Both Azeri and Armenian forces are claiming victories. Moscow has anchored a peace truce but its implementation chances appear to be quite dim. It should have been enforced today but there are reports that ceasefire violations from both sides exist. A temporary ceasefire occurred to allow the Red Cross to exchange bodies from both sides. The gravity of the situation is increasing and proper mediation and intervention of the United Nations is immediately required.

The irony of fate is that the UN has failed to bring up viable solutions to territorial problems brought to its table. However, the blood of human beings is more important and the dispute of this land needs to be resolved through negotiations and the shadows of the third world war are already looming over Asia.