Rawalpindi-Residents of D Block in Satellite Town and suburbs have been complaining of low gas pressure which, they maintain, has made their lives miserable. 

Sui gas consumers of area said on Saturday that they have been experiencing the problem for a month. They also complain of a brief breakdown of gas supply to their households which ultimately results in geysers going off. Many of the complainants live in flats and apartments. Muhammad Ismail, a resident of Block D, said she faced the problem every day while preparing breakfast. “I had to ignite my stove repeatedly as low pressure extinguished the flame again and again. The geyser also did not work properly and I had to turn its pilot burner on twice,” he said. A housewife living in Satellite Town also spoke of the same problem she faced in the afternoon. 

“I don’t know how many times I had to light the burners. I have to prepare many things in a big quantity for our joint family having many members and this problem exhausted me,” she said.

Bashir, owner of a sweetmeat shop in the area, said that low gas pressure for a couple of days was badly affecting his business as burners of his commercial stoves failed to produce the required heat to produce items in a big quantity for sale. 

A large number of people of the affected area also said they are facing low gas pressure and appealed the government to take notice of the issue.