Tighter Restrictions

The government knows all too well that another complete lockdown is not a viable economic decision. The National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) is emphasising on adhering to preventive measures. But the efforts and suggestions of the body may not prove to be enough to contain the surge in COVID-19 cases. A more prudent approach would be to introduce tighter restrictions and devise a mechanism that can ensure that people follow all safety protocols.

Although officials are bracing themselves up against the second wave, allowing outdoor weddings with an upper limit of 1000 participants can be a recipe for disaster. The policymakers must reconsider this decision. The government should not allow more than 500 participants at any wedding.

On another level, the government must at least ask the private offices to shift to work from home. There are reports of entire teams being infected at the same time. The first spell of the virus has already demonstrated that many offices can manage their business even if they operate from homes.

Both the federal and provincial governments have already learnt that the sooner they implement the necessary restrictions, the better results they will get. Our first experience of dealing with the deadly virus was a poor display of united action in the fight against coronavirus. Therefore, the federal and provincial governments must keep closer coordination and find a quick solution to any discord on the policies they want to adopt against the second wave.

While there is no need to go for a complete lockdown, 1000 plus cases a day means that we have to work harder to contain COVID’s second wave. The government has granted relaxations to keep the economy afloat and ensure that people feed their families. However, these relaxations do not mean that the second wave is any less dangerous. The authorities have decided to go with smart lockdowns where needed, but they will only be helpful when the public follows all other guidelines. If people do not give importance to the government’s instructions, imposing a countrywide lockdown will become necessary.

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