LAHORE-Newage Cables will take on Diamond Paints/FG Polo in the Total Nutrition Polo Cup 2020 main final to be played here at the Lahore Polo Club today (Sunday) at 3:30 pm. Lahore Polo Club President Omer Sadik said that in the 4-8 goal tournament, a high-quality polo was on offer throughout the week and top two teams qualified for the main final after beating their respective opponents. “Newage Cables team consists of Syed Aun Rizvi, Alman Jalil Azam, Adnan Jalil Azam and Edward Banner Eve while Diamond Paints/FG Polo team comprises Mian Abbas Muktar, Mir Shoaib Ahmad, Saqib Khan Khakwani and Tom Brodie.” He added that the subsidiary final will be played between the teams of Barry’s and Pebble Breaker at 2:15 pm.