In a violent turn of events, the KP police used tear gas against primary school teachers who had staged a peaceful protest outside the provincial assembly. The objective behind the demonstration was to call out the government for its failure in increasing pay scales, a promise that was made years ago. Similar demonstrations have taken place across the country and regardless of the fact that all of them have been peaceful protests, the police adopted an aggressive approach for their dispersion. Resorting to violence is never justified in these circumstances and law enforcement must be held accountable.

The peaceful protest turned into a conflict when teachers were forcefully disbanded through the use of batons and tear gas. More than a dozen were injured and sent to hospitals. Those protesting in Sindh earlier in September saw the same fate as authorities manhandled over 100 protestors that were on their way to the Sindh Assembly and Chief Minister House. They had demanded for the regularisation of their jobs, and eventually, they were heard by the Sindh Education Minister, Syed Sardar Ali Shah. This is proof of the fact that the next step to protests is always a sit-down with members of the government. This is a peaceful process through which the public can have a say in governance; bulldozing the entire routine, especially when it comes to important professions like teachers and doctors, is too extreme of a measure to take.

A politically active population is a marker of a good democratic government, and any attempts to squash this participation in influencing a change in policies cannot be tolerated. The teachers were protesting peacefully, as is their right, and if this platform is taken away from them, much worse will happen. These are individuals who are responsible for educating our children and accordingly, they should be treated with respect. Their demands must be fulfilled, or at least must be heard without a handful of them having to go to the hospital for treatment of injuries. In recognition of this, the government must really reign in the local law enforcement and hold it accountable in times when it acts unjustifiably.