ISLAMABAD - Despite the withdrawal of Estate Office's claim from the house of Dr Saeed Ahmed, Director Health, Capital Development Authority (CDA), the stolen goods have not yet been recovered. Dr Saeed told TheNation that some officials of Estate Office, including the infamous Joint Estate Officer Obaid-ud-Din, visited him to offer their apologies amidst the orders of the Prime Minister to probe into manhandling and harassment of Dr Saeed and his family on the part of Obaid-ud-Din and his men, last month. "They came to me and said that they were deeply sorry for whatever they did and offered their unconditional apologies", stated the Director who has decided to forgive the "intruders" in the wake of unconditional apologies offered to him. However, the matter of stolen goods is yet to be resolved. It is pertinent to note that some precious household items of Dr Saeed Ahmed and his wife Dr Naheed Fatima, Medical Officer, CDA, are missing, eversince the officials of Estate Office broke into their house to play havoc on the family in stark violation of court orders, in an unlawful bid to vacate the house in I-8/1 Sector. The CDA Director informed this scribe that he had discussed the matter of missing household items with Obaid-ud-Din who had categorically denied the involvement of any Estate Office's official in stealing the valuables. However, Obaid-ud-Din did not rule out the possibility of the involvement of labourers brought by him to vacate the house, in the stealing of belongings. "I have asked them for the immediate recovery of my stolen household items, and they have told me that they need some time. I told them to make recovery by Monday" the doctor added while mentioning that he would have a meeting with Obaid-ud-Din on Monday (today), to discuss the matter. The precious valuables that have been found missing include cash, jewellery, I-Pod, textbooks, crockery and several minor items. The disputed house of Dr Saeed in I-8/1 had been under the pool of Estate Office but was brought under the entitlement of CDA, some seven years ago and was allotted to his wife Dr Naheed Fatima on humanitarian grounds since she is a patient of Hepatitis C. In return, another house in the same sector was handed over to Estate Office by the CDA. 'I am relieved that Estate Office has finally realised its mistake and has withdrawn its claim from our residence"', Dr Saeed said. 'We faced a very tough time in the last few days but whatever is done cannot be undone. I can only hope that the missing items are recovered on mandatory basis', he hoped.