ISLAMABAD (APP)- The Engineering Development Board (EDB) will launch a series of refresher courses and workshops to enhance capacity building of officers of the board and professionals attached with various industries of the country. "International experts of good repute will be conducting these workshops on various topics to provide awareness and training on the latest technologies and trends in the related industrial fields," official sources told this agency here. So far, the board has worked out plan of conducting five workshops on  the topics of Export Marketing Techniques, International Certification Requirements, Transfer agreements, Negotiations and Skills, Development of Business/Export Strategy for different regions and International LogisticsSystem. The board has already written to different organizations to conduct the courses and international experts will be taken on different arrangements to help develop industry in the country. The sources said that the EDB was also in process to invite volunteer experts of various industrial fields to resolve specific problems of industrial units. "International experts are being arranged on the request of specific industry for resolving specific problems," sources added. The main aim of this exercise was to ensure quality production of  various export quality goods of Pakistan and gain international market for the benefit of the country, sources said. Talking to this agency, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Engineering Development Board, Assad Elahi said that Pakistan has great scope in engineering services sector, which needed to be exploited for the betterment of the country. He said that the board was devising both long and short-term strategies to exploit this potential and bring into progressive changes in the industrial sector. He said that in long-term strategy, the board would help enhance local production not only for domestic consumption but also for exports to the other countries. It may be recalled that like in the steel sector, the board was considering to establish Electronic Industry Working Group with an aim to enhance production of electronic industry in the country and boost its exports. "The Working Group will be established with an aim to assess the electronic industry and identify the areas of improvement with special focus on enhancing industrial output of this specific field," Asad Ellahi remarked. Specialists and professionals would be inducted in the group to produce policy strategy for the development of the industry, sources said adding that sub-committees would also be established under the group to analyze various sectors of the industry. Every sub-committee would be providing its findings and recommendations for the preparations of a comprehensive document, identifying areas of improvement and finding out appropriate solutions to the various problems. The aim is to enhance production not only for the domestic consumption but also for the export to other countries.