PPP hints at Punjab Governor's removal

ISLAMABAD - Bad-mouthing against the ruling PML-N by Punjab Governor Salman Taseer at a public function on Saturday has been taken with 'deep irritation' by PPP Co-Chairman and President-elect Asif Ali Zardari and forced PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif to cancel his scheduled visit to Britain. Sources close to the President-elect and other PPP leading lights told TheNation on Sunday that Taseer's remarks had sent shock waves to PPP central leadership who termed the bad-mouthing as irresponsible and uncalled for. "Let me make it clear that this was not in line with the party policy at all," a source close to party Secretary General Jehangir Badr quoted him as saying. Other senior party leaders including some powerful federal ministers also expressed their annoyance, saying that public demonstration of the provincial governor did not go well at all at a time when the entire rank and file of the party was celebrating Asif Zardari's landslide victory. "This is not at all the party policy. The move reflected agenda of a 'third force'," a PPP senior leader said. Some PPP sources following these developments also dropped hints about the replacement of Salman Taseer with a neutral person after the oath-taking of President-elect Asif Ali Zardari.   In a related development, PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif has cancelled at eleventh hour his scheduled London visit to take up the matter with PPP Co-Chairman Asif Zardari. According to unconfirmed reports aides of Nawaz Sharif were busy in arranging his meeting with Asif Ali Zardari some time tomorrow or after the oath taking ceremony on Tuesday. Nawaz Sharif is likely to undertake his London visit on Tuesday.   Meanwhile, some PML-N senior leaders held informal consultations on Sunday and deliberated the situation that had cropped up because of the 'barbed behaviour'of the provincial governor.

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