KARACHI - Following the directives of President-elect Asif Ali Zardari, the Sindh government has cancelled its decision of declaring holiday on Monday (today) to celebrate Zardari's success in the presidential election. AFP adds: He is yet to take the presidential oath but Asif Zardari showed he means business Sunday when he stopped millions of Pakistanis from having a day off in his honour. The 53-year-old's popularity in his home province of Sindh may have taken a dent after he cancelled a celebratory public holiday planned there for Monday (today). "The government withdrew the notification about declaring Monday as a holiday after Asif Ali Zardari said it was not the time to go on holiday but to work hard and solve the people's problems," provincial minister Waqar Mehdi told AFP. "He directed us that there is enough work to do and a lot of problems to solve, which needs little leisure and more work. That's why the government withdrew the holiday notice," he added. The holiday was for millions of state employees and schools and colleges, a provincial government statement said earlier.