Pakistan was founded through democratic process but against the popular will of Hindu majority of the subcontinent. They have never accepted Pakistan with open heart and arms. Since Independence, newly born Pakistan found newly born India as a hostile neighbour. Indian occupation of Kashmir, the then princely state resulted in three wars between the two countries. Due to Indian hostility Pakistan was obligated to make friends with anti-Indian forces at the regional and international level, which includes China and the Taliban regime. Pakistan supported the Taliban movement to end the internal clashes and infighting between different warring groups in Afghanistan. The stable Afghanistan was a necessity for stability in Pakistan. The anti-Taliban lobby (the then Northern alliance) was led by Ahmed Shah Masood and his allies. They were anti-Pakistan and were the supporters of India. Supporting Taliban was a good move at that time. However, after 9 / 11, the US administration exerted pressure on the General Musharraf to support them in its effort to eliminate the Taliban regime. Musharraf was a dictator and he had no other option but to adhere to the instructions of Bush administration. The Musharraf government turned against Taliban in such a haste that it over looked the ground realities and our national interest. Presently, Pakistan and Afghanistan are fighting against the extremist forces but it is the height of treachery on the part of Mr Karazi that he is damaging the interest of Pakistan with the collaboration of India and Israel. This all travesty and tragedy is because of the wrong policies of the General Musharraf who surrendered before the Bush administration in every possible way and compromised our sovereignty. Just a few days ago our so-called friends, the NATO forces attacked a village, Angur Adda, on our borders, which left nearly 25 innocent civilians dead. It was an attack on our sovereignty. Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi summoned the American ambassador to foreign office for an explanation and condemned the attack on our sovereignty. There is a need for an all parties' conference on these issues. It will strengthen the PPP government's mandate to revise Pakistan's role and strategy in the War on Terror. Pakistan must tell the NATO forces that enough is enough and we will not accept its outrages. It is in the interest of US to prevent India and Israel from stoking violence in our tribal areas bordering Afghanistan. President Karzai always blames Pakistan for supporting terrorists but the reality is other way round. Islamabad repeatedly asked Kabul to seal the Pak-Afghan border but the request went unheeded. It clearly indicates their malevolent intentions. The million-dollar question is that whether our friends really want to eradicate terrorism and extremism from Pakistan? If yes, then they have to win the hearts and minds of people, which cannot be won by killing innocent citizens. It goes without saying that if NATO will continue such aggression and violation of international law then the overwhelming majority of Pakistanis, who are moderate will stand up against them and will fight like warrior poets, which is not in the interest of anyone whether America, Afghanistan, or Pakistan. The Writer is an Islamabad-based Lawyer E-mail: