LAHORE   -   The Accountability Court in Lahore on Wednes­day returned Ramzan Sugar Mills reference against Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and his son Hamza Shehbaz to the National Accountabil­ity Bureau (NAB).

The court held that the matter did not fall under its jurisdiction, as per the NAB amended law.

Accountability Court Judge Sajid Awan conduct­ed the proceedings on the reference, which had been filed by NAB.

 Shehbaz Sharif’s counsel advanced his argu­ments on jurisdiction of the court during the proceedings. He submitted that the court was not empowered to hear any reference involving an amount below Rs500 million, under the NAB amended law.

He submitted that the reference amount was less than Rs500 million, and it did not fall in the jurisdiction of the court. Subsequently, the court returned the reference to the Bureau