LAHORE    -    Chinese Consul General Lahore Zhao Shiren has said that CPEC growth and Sino-Pak relations have gone into overdrive under the strategic guid­ance and strong leader­ship of President Xi Jin­ping and Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif.

Speaking at the We­binar to commemorate 71th anniversary of Pak-China diplomatic relations held under the auspices of Insti­tute of International Relations and Media Research (IIRMR), Zhao Shiren said that China has shown its grief and sorrow over the losses of life and property expressing solidarity with Pakistan terribly hit by flash flood.

“Taking stock of the unprecedented flood­ing in Pakistan, Chinese Consulate Lahore, to­gether with the Chinese community in Lahore, has mobilized resourc­es to help the flood relief and rehabilita­tion efforts. China also provided two batches of emergency humani­tarian supplies in cash and in kind. More as­sistance will follow ac­cordingly,” he added.

“Very soon a new round of CPEC JCC meet­ing is to be convened and the agenda might touch upon the imple­mentation of the Frame­work Agreements on Industrial and Agricul­tural Cooperation and people’s livelihood proj­ects,” he mentioned. All the five CPEC-related mega projects in Pun­jab, he said, are either successfully accom­plished or meeting their pronounced targets, yielding early harvests to mutual satisfaction.

“The CPEC process has been further expe­dited with new Paki­stan speed, entering a fast-track growth and expansion. The Karot Hydro-power plant began generat­ing electricity, Gwa­dar port development produced substantive progress with East Bay Expressway oper­ationalized,” he added.

Sharing his views, IIRMR Chairman Mu­hammad Mehdi said: “Pakistan is currently suffering from a great natural calamity and we are happy that our neighboring country China is standing by our side as always in this time of trouble. The messages sent by the Chinese leadership at this difficult stage are very hopeful for Pakistani nation.” Chi­nese President Xi Jin­ping expressed solidar­ity and said: “China will continue to provide urgently needed assis­tance, (and) support Pakistan in its disaster relief work. Chinese Prime Minister Li sent a message to Prime Min­ister Shahbaz Sharif and assured him that Beijing is ready to sup­port and assist flood relief efforts in the country to the greatest extent possible.”