Denmark to provide 120,000 liters of clean water daily in flood-hit Sindh

ISLAMABAD    -   Ambassador-Designate of Denmark to Pakistan Jakob Linulf said that Denmark would pro­vide a major drinking water facility in flood-affected areas of Sindh, which could provide up to 120,000 liters of clean water a day.

The Ambassador told the media on Wednesday, “we are happy to welcome the Danish Emergency Management Agency team in Islamabad. They will be operating a clean drinking water facility in Sindh. And they will be joined by another seven team members in Karachi tomorrow”. He added that this team would set up the water purifi­cation system in Sindh and would operate in Pakistan for weeks. He said the Advanced Emergency Team from Denmark consisted of Erik Breum-Chris­tensen (team leader), Johan Theil Nielsen and Søren Larsen. The Ambassador also extended Denmark’s government’s sincere condolences to the victims of the flash floods (currently more than 1,300).

Denmark’s key prior­ity is to provide flexible and unearmarked fund­ing to our humanitar­ian, strategic partners to allow them to re­spond quickly in times of urgent need, such as in the case of the ongo­ing flooding in Pakistan, he added. Denmark has also supported the UN’s (humanitarian) flash appeal for Pakistan with $1.33 million to the UN Refugee Organ­isation, UNHCR.

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