Rawalpindi-Scores of domestic consumers in Dhamial and suburbs are facing gas loadshedding for last many days. The consumers living in Dhamial, Bank Colony, Mohra Barian, Iqbal Town, Mohra Faqeeran and Rasoolabad Sharif on Wednesday lodged complaints that the gas supply situation is worsening gradually due to which they have to use alternative fuel like woods and LPG cylinders that too on very high prices. Likewise, the naanbais have jacked up prices of naan and roti up to Rs20 and Rs25 because of non-availability of gas in these areas while doubling the miseries of the residents. A local councillor, Waleed Masood, Raja brought the matter into notice of SNGPL high authorities but no action was taken so far. The area residents have appealed Prime Minister of Pakistan Shehbaz Sharif and Managing Director SNGPL to take notice of the genuine issue. “The problem is especially severe in Iqbal Town where there is no gas for last 15 days,” said Mudassir Iqbal Raja, a journalist working for an international organisation in Qatar. He said that the local consumers are getting no gas and using alternative resources of fuel to cook food. The condition is so worse that some people have failed in restoring pressure of gas even by fixing compressors in their houses, he said. “The pressure of gas is zero in my town and we are facing huge troubles. Our children are going to school with empty stomachs as we cannot cook food,” said Shoaib Raja. He said the situation is not different in other areas of Dhamial. Another villager namely Sardar Amir was of view that the zero pressure is also forcing the consumers to buy cylinders at very high prices or burning coal or wood that were also expensive. He said that the prices of LPG cylinders have also been jacked up illegally by the shopkeepers while taking advantage of loadshedding of gas in the areas. Raja Abdul Basit, a resident of Mohra Fareeqan, told The Nation that a team SNGPL has visited the area and checked the blockage in pipelines with the help a machine but the problem is still there. “We have no gas the whole day. And even during breakfast timings, we don’t get the gas,” said Waleed Masood Raja. He said he had lodged several complaints with Manager of SNGPL in Soan but no action was taken so far. The consumers have appealed the PM and GM SNGPL to come forward to resolve their issue on emergency basis.