ISLAMABAD    -    A high-level US delega­tion headed by Coun­sellor State Department Derek Chollet would arrive here today on a three-day official visit to Pakistan.

Mr. Chollet is accompa­nied by senior officials from National Securi­ty Council, Department of Defence, USAID and State Department.

During the visit, the delegation would dis­cuss how the financial package announced by USAID could be effec­tively spent for flood vic­tims and make assess­ment of the damages in the flood-affected areas by visiting these areas.

They would also call on Prime Minister She­hbaz Sharif, Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhu­tto Zardari and senior military leaders. Diplo­matic sources told The Nation that it is the first time that a high-level US delegation from three most important US de­partments is visiting Pakistan to express solidarity and support with the Pakistani government and people. US­AID has announced 30 million USD which would be spent for the welfare of the flood affect­ed people and areas. “During talks at the Foreign Office, bi­lateral relations between Paki­stan and the United States, se­curity situation in the region and flood in Pakistan would be discussed”, a source in the For­eign Office told The Nation. A State Department statement said in Pakistan, Counsel­lor Chollet will lead a US in­teragency delegation to meet with senior government offi­cials, as well as civil society and private sector leaders, to reaf­firm our commitment to Paki­stan during their catastrophic flooding. The Counsellor and his delegation will discuss the recently announced US assis­tance and emphasize our in­terest in continuing to part­ner with Pakistan to alleviate the damage from recent floods and torrential rains. The state­ment said while in Pakistan, the delegation will commem­orate 75 years of diplomatic relations and discuss a wide range of issues, including im­proving trade and investment ties, advancing bilateral health cooperation, cooperating to mitigate the impacts of the cli­mate crisis, and expanding our people-to-people connections.