ISLAMABAD - The unprecedented rains and floods in Pakistan have caused the devastation of an enormous magnitude in various parts of the country. Officials estimate that more than thirty-three million people have been affected, and more than a thousand have lost their lives due to flooding. The Pakistani nation, civil society, and humanitarian organizations are continuing rescue and relief efforts. Health officials have reported an outbreak of waterborne diseases, diarrhea, skin diseases, and eye infections in the flood affected areas. National Bank of Pakistan, in collaboration with Thardeep Microfinance Foundation and Rural Community Development Program (RCDP), has stepped up to provide immediate aid to the vulnerable communities in Pakistan by providing water purifiers developed by PakVitae to provide flood affected households access to clean drinking water. These water purifiers have patent coverage in 82 countries and have undergone rigorous testing by independent & ISO certified labs to meet the standards established by the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA), NSF International & World Health Organization (WHO) and removes bacteria, parasites, microplastics & turbidity.