ISLAMABAD     -    The Federal Flood Commission (FFC) has said that the Riv­er Indus at Kotri Barrage was experiencing “High Flood” and “Low Flood Category” at Gud­du-Sukkur Reach. According to daily FFC report on Wednes­day, other main Rivers of Indus River System (Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi and Sutlej) were flowing normal. Tarbela Reservoiri was being maintained at its Maxi­mum Conservation Level (MCL: 1550.00 feet) since August 28, 2022. At present, water lev­el in Mangla Dam was 1190.50 feet against its MCL: 1242 feet. Chashma Reservoir was also being maintained at 648.60 feet (against MCL: 649.00 feet) since 2nd September 2022.