Social media has become an inevitable part of our daily life. It is one of the major tools of engagement through which people can instantly communicate with each other and came to know about global affairs. Whether we like it or not, it is supposed to stay with us forever. With its growing popularity, the risk of using social media also grows.
We need a peaceful and safer society in order to survive in this physical world and in doing so people follow some ethical and moral principles. Similarly, social media is a digital world where people develop online connections. As digital citizens of the online world, it is our responsibility to make it peaceful and safer. Social media can be very beneficial if we know how to use it wisely. First and foremost, think before posting anything on social media because content shared has a huge impact on the minds of people. If inappropriate and indecent content is shared it will be destructive for young minds. Check facts and figures before sharing anything to avoid misinformation. People are advised not to consume negative news as it leads to anxiety and depression. Secondly, keep healthy discussion and debate over social media as it leads to positive growth of individuals. Thirdly, avoid sharing negative comments with people because the person even though is behind the screen and far away but he keeps the same feelings and emotions and his sentiments can be hurt. Fourthly if a person is unsure of things he/she must not react immediately on social media. Seeking advice first can be wiser action. Lastly, stop comparing yourself with social influencers, they are creating fake life by sharing only the perfect part of their life. Such over-representation of people living idealized life leads to social comparison, personal dissatisfaction and severe mental health issues. HIRA AMAN, Sindh.