Experts warn self-medication for conjunctivitis, stress awareness 

ISLAMABAD-Experts on Thursday stressed public awareness for ‘conjunctivitis’, commonly known as pink-eye allergy, and advised people to avoid indiscriminate use of antibiotics or steroids, as it may complicate the ailment or even damage the cornea of the eye.
Eye specialist Dr. Fawad Rizvi talking to a private news channel, expressed his serious concern over the increased number of conjunctivitis patients in Karachi hospitals and said that pink-eye virus can be caused by viral and bacterial infections or allergies.
Symptoms of bacterial conjunctivitis include redness, streaking, swelling, itching, or burning in the eyes, he added. LRBT specialists said that infected individuals should be advised to use the prescribed eye drops and clean their eyes with tissues, adding, that infected persons should apply cold water to the infected eyes to provide some respite from the discomfort.
Early precautionary measures were crucial to prevent the further spread of the disease, he advised.
He said due to a lack of awareness drives, every year thousands of cases of conjunctivitis are reported in hospitals across Pakistan, adding, especially in the months of summer and spring.
This year Karachi has been worst affected by conjunctivitis, he said, adding, that citizens should significantly lower their risk of transmitting the virus by practicing good personal hygiene and avoiding sharing items. 
Replying to a query, he replied that steroids and homemade remedies sometimes provide immediate relief to patients but cause more damage in the long run.
He said people should avoid close contact with individuals who have conjunctivitis or any other eye infection.

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