Medical corps donates high-performance tents to PDMA

PESHAWAR   -   In a benevolent gesture of humanitarian assistance, the Internation­al Medical Corps-Pakistan (IMCP) has reached out to support the Provincial Disaster Management Author­ity (PDMA) by generously donating four Huggy Pro high-performance tents, measuring 48 and 24 square meters each, in accordance with UNICEF standards. These tents are equipped with winter liner kits, includ­ing ground sheets, shade nets, partitioning kits, and di­viders. These vital resources will be deployed during emergency situations to provide shelter, medical care, and essential supplies to those in need and can be used as a mobile emergency hospital in such situations.

Emergency response holds significant importance in safeguarding the well-being of communities con­fronting severe winter conditions during disasters. These specialized tents are designed to provide a safe and warm haven for those affected by natural calam­ities, ensuring their protection from extreme cold, snow, and inclement weather.

A formal signing ceremony took place at the head­quarters of the Provincial Disaster Management Authority, graced by the presence of representa­tives from PDMA, UNOCHA, and IMCP. The occasion marked the official handover of these much-needed supplies to PDMA officials.

Director General PDMA, Janat Gul Afridi, conveyed his deep gratitude for the generous support extend­ed by the International Medical Corps-Pakistan. He also appreciated the coordination role of UN OCHA in supporting and facilitating this activity. He em­phasized the adaptable nature of these high-per­formance tents, highlighting their utility in diverse emergency scenarios.

This significant donation underscores IMC’s unwa­vering commitment to disaster preparedness and re­lief endeavors. By supplying essential resources to the Provincial Disaster Management Authority, they are actively bolstering the province’s resilience and capability to respond effectively to emergencies.

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