Renowned photographer conducts training workshop at UoP


PESHAWAR  -  Pakistan’s renowned photogra­pher based in the United States (US) Nasir Rauf conducted a two-day training workshop (6-7 Sep­tember, 2023) at the Department of Art and Design, University of Peshawar here.

Apart from the students of the university, those from other edu­cational institutes of the city and general public also participated in the workshop.

Nasir Rauf as the resource per­son explained various aspects of photography and the latest tech­niques being used in this par­ticular field. The participants also asked him various questions about the techniques and mys­tique of this art.

During the workshop, Pesha­war University Dean Qazi Naeem graced the occasion with his pres­ence and appreciated the support of Nasir Rauf and the interested shown by number of students by attending this workshop.

On the concluding day of the workshop, Chairperson of the Department Dr Zill-e-Huma ex­pressed her pleasure at having a photographer of international fame at the resource person. Not only our students but the faculty members too, attended the two-day event and learnt a great deal from Nasir Rauf, she said.

While sharing his views, Rauf said it is true latest cameras, lens and types highly matter in pho­tography but the real thing is how a photographer observes and sees things around him and how deep­ly he involves himself in his sur­roundings before capturing a scene or incident. Pakistani youth, he said, was highly talented and during the two day event, he found in them an unending thirst for learning. “I am happy to join the Peshawar University at this par­ticular event as the university is one of the oldest and highest seats of learning in Pakistan,” he said 

Nasir Rauf is a renowned figure in the world of photography, cel­ebrated for his exceptional skills in various styles including com­mercial lifestyle, product, fashion, beauty, outdoor, and studio pho­tography. He goes beyond the or­dinary, turning imagination into vivid reality, as he believes settling for ‘good’ is simply a compromise.

Rauf’s educational journey led him to a Masters in Fine Arts, spe­cializing in advertising, with com­plementary studies in painting and photography. This diverse foundation empowers him to in­fuse artistry into his photographic work, extending beyond advertis­ing into various segments.

For over a decade, Rauf has been a prominent figure in Dubai’s crea­tive scene, collaborating with major industry players like Citizen Watch­es, American Garden, Yoplait, and Caribou Coffee, among others.

Nasir Rauf’s photography jour­ney is adorned with a range of prestigious awards and recogni­tions, showcasing his exceptional talent and dedication. He won the Splash Calendar Contest in 2018, a title that solidified his position as a master in the field. His remark­able skills earned him the Gold award at Cannes in 2016.

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