The traffic in Peshawar has become such a problem that the drivers have started making up their own rules. The other day my friend who had recently arrived from Australia came over to my house. I saw that his car's front side bumper was broken. So I asked him if he was in an accident or something? He replied "Yes I was and I still don't know how but apparently it was my fault". When I asked him to explain he told me that he had hit a Rickshaw while making a turn. When he complained to the Rickshaw driver about his recklessness, the driver said he had already signaled that he was turning. Looking at the Rickshaw's non-existent signal lights, my friend asked the Rickshaw driver how could he have signaled either way? The rickshaw driver replied, "I had my left foot out of the Rickshaw. Didn't you see it?" -SHAHRYAR KHAN BASEER, Peshawar, via e-mail, March 31.