KARACHI - The business community seemed divided over the federal governments decision to move clocks one hour ahead from 15th of this month to save energy in the country. The Federation of Pakistan Commerce and Industries (FPCCI) -representative body of the industrialists of the country - has opposed the decision of the government. Sultan Ahmed Chawla, President FPCCI, opposing the plan of moving clocks ahead by one hour from 15th April, 2009, said it will create disturbance in working schedules rather than bringing discipline in official working. According to the FPCCIs President, the present economic conditions demands our attention towards increasing our interaction with our major trading partners around the globe and by moving clocks ahead by one hour interaction time from our trading partners from western side will be reduced which will deprive our exporters to maintain liaison with them. He proposed to the government that keeping in view the present need for more interaction with our importers from western side the clock should not be moved by one hour. He further said that in a country where literacy rate is very low, and whose over 65 per cent population still reside in villages, it will create more problems than saving electricity which are at least dubious. If at all government feels that it can achieve any savings then as in the early days of creation of Pakistan, the timings of government offices and educational institutions may be changed which will achieve the objective without causing any confusion. Dr. Ayub Mahar Director General Research Department at FPCCI while talking to The Nation opposing the decision of the government remarked that the plan of moving ahead clocks by one hour justify to the South and North polar but it does not suit countries located at Equator world. Pakistan also exists in the Equator where the light of the sun remains for at least 10 hours in the day, he said, stressing that the plan to move ahead the clocks by one hour was deemed not fit for the country like Pakistan. He pointed out that the moving clocks ahead would become beneficial for the countries exist in the North and South polar but not for the country like Pakistan. He said, We usually remain in contact for five hours in a day but after proposed change in the local time with moving clocks ahead by one hour will reduce our contact for one hour. Anjum Nisar President Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KCCI) which is the representative body of the industrialists of the Karachi, told The Nation that the KCCI does not oppose the plan of the government to move clocks ahead by one hour but government should provide the data of the electricity to be saved through bringing change in the local time. He suggested that before announcing the change in time, the government should have convinced the business community of the country with providing concrete data of energy saving. Showing doubts over the authenticity of data 250 MW to be saved through moving clocks one hour ahead and termed it was the exaggeration of government but, even 100 MW power could be saved through moving clocks one hour ahead, KCCI support the decision with the government. Majyd Aziz, former president of KCCI supported the decision of the govt and termed it right. He hoped the positive results of saving daylight would achieve through this plan as such practice routine matter in the various countries in the world. Shamim Shamsi, another former president of KCCI while talking to The Nation also supported the plan to move clocks by one hour and recommended that govt should take the nation into confidence prior to implementing it.