ISLAMABAD - PNCA Director General Naeem Tahir stressed the need of projecting the national culture and heritage at international level to allay the impression of terrorism and klashnikov culture associated with Pakistan. DG Naeem Tahir was expressed these views while talking on a talk show and said that by showing the softer image of the country by projecting the rich cultural heritage the artists could change the negative perception of the world toward Pakistan. He further said that art and culture could not flourish in space as it was directly linked to people and their political will. He said, we should explore our culture internationally and show the world that we are tolerant people and this so-called terrorism and klashnikov culture in not reflective of our social texture. He further said that basically performing art comprises drama, music and dance and film medium could be added to this list as well. We opined the previous government and present government too to establish a National Theatre Centre of Performing Art in Islamabad, he added He said that PNCA had lunched many programmes like Indus Rhythm and Ravi Rhythm to promote national culture abroad. Such programmes reflected true picture of the country and had positive impact on the people about Pakistan. He said that it was the primary responsibility of educational institutions, National Council of the Arts and National Academy of Performing Art to grow the artists and groom them properly then PNCA could introduce budding artists at national and international level.