I would beg PML-N to not trust Zardari again in a fit of reconciliatory politics. Mr. Zardari's PPP, we must understand, has been put in power not due to any intrinsic merit but due to a sympathy vote on Benazir's martyrdom. And what a hash they have made of that mandate They have devastated the poor through hiking of inflation to unprecedented levels by introducing the heaviest ever levies, tariffs, GST etc on bijli, pani, roti, gas, oil, you name it. They left the nation hanging by not restoring judges and by loosening the leashes of the Chaudhries, Governor and Mr. Wattoo. The COD, that is being referred to so much in the media now, was already trampled upon by the PPP after they signed an NRO with Musharraf in all malafide to protect him and execute the American agenda of enslaving Pakistan to IMF. The nation has now lost confidence in Mr Zardari because of his lies, deceits, rampant corruption, loot and plunder. The straw that breaks the camel's back is his performance on security. The dangerous security lapses that took place in March, nearly a dozen terrorist events, including two in Lahore during the Governor rule, should be enough reason we should all say enough. -M.M. OSMANY, Jhang, via e-mail, April 1.