ISLAMABAD (APP) - Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Chaudhry has sent a letter to Presidents of all the Bar Associations in the country, conveying his thanks and appreciation for carrying out an exemplary national struggle for independence of judiciary and supremacy of rule of law in the society. Noting that the movement remained throughout very peaceful, the Chief Justice in his letter called upon the members of the legal fraternity to redirect their efforts and focus their attention on improving the quality and process of dispensation of justice, according to an SC press release issued on Wednesday. The CJ said, The people of Pakistan have reposed great confidence in the system of administration of justice. It is, therefore, incumbent upon us all - members of the bench and the bar - to work in unison and work hard, so as to repay our debt to the nation, especially litigant parties, aggrieved persons and victim of oppression, to have their cases and causes expeditiously decided through free, fair and impartial dispensation of justice. The architecture of the judicial entity stands on twin pillars, the bench and the bar, he said, adding that the bench and the bar, in many respects are indistinguishable, in not only building the entity but in realizing its stated aims and objectives. It is through mutual cooperation and coordination of efforts between the two, that the aims and objects of administration of justice can be achieved. In the past the relation between the bench and the bar had not been ideal. However, the leading role of the bar in the recent movement for restoration of judges has paved the way for cordial relations between the two, the CJP said. A major hurdle in the dispensation of justice, he said, is unnecessary adjournments also, which has to be avoided. The bar can and must play positive role in this regard, he observed. I wish to limelight one crucial issue, i.e. the prevalence of culture of corruption in the judiciary. Corruption must be eradicated with root and branch from the judiciary. In this regard, heavy burden is cast on your shoulders as officers of the court. I will urge you to pinpoint and identify persons involved in corrupt practices and report the same to the concerned CJ of HC , through the Registrar. A copy may also be forwarded to the Registrar of Supreme Court of Pakistan. Such information, however, should be given with clear identification of the concerned person and be backed by requisite documentary proof. For this purpose, the CJP said, he is convening a meeting of the National Judicial Policy Making Committee (NJPMC) soon, which includes the Chief Justices of the four High Courts as members, to consider inter-alia the matter of establishing a cell in the High Courts for taking necessary action against such persons. I will endeavor to have close interaction with you, to hear your point of view and suggestions so as to further the cause of justice and expedite trial proceedings in courts. The CJP said dispensation of justice is a noble mission, and Inshallah we will jointly pursue this mission, so as to bring stability to the system and grant relief to the needy and aggrieved.