LAHORE - Banned Pakistan fast bowler Rana Navedul Hassan has urged Pakistan Cricket Board to guarantee central contract prior to his termination of ICL contract. "We do terminate out contract with the India League today if Pakistan Cricket Board gives us the guarantee for central contract." Rana was quoted by a website. "If you terminate our contract with the league [ICL] and come up with the NOC after that cricket board does not accept us then this is not fair with us." Rana explained. "At least we should know our status," he said and added, "Let's suppose if the PCB accept us but restrict us only for domestic cricket which is again not good for us." Rana further said the PCB has sent out names to International Cricket Council (ICC) for clearance and we are seeking ICC response which is expected on April 17. "Since Mohammad Yousaf had been messed up when he had decided to quit ICL earlier to play for Pakistan but he never found his place again in the squad," Rana said while pointing out the previous experience when star batsman quit his contract with the ICL but later the board took a U-turn and refused to retain him. "We don't want to be trapped. However we are hundred per cent with the cricket board and I urge PCB to stay composed and fight for us, then we will definitely play for Pakistan with high spirit," he maintained. "We are in contract with and if we find good future with Pakistan we definitely will terminate the ICL contract," Rana said.