ISLAMABAD - The money mongering manoeuvres have become an order of the day in the government sector, with new innovative techniques being introduced by government officials to gobble hard-earned money of the public. Among several such tactics that actually aim at maximum exploitation of a common man, include the middleman culture or agent mafia that extorts money from public without paying any heed to the miseries of masses. The government offices, particularly those which deal with ordinary people are occupied by the heaps of such agents who accept hefty amounts of bribes for quick file work and instant official documentation. TheNation witnessed that foreign, passport and land revenues offices, excise and taxation department and the offices of city administration have become the hub of public exploitation where the middleman culture prevails deep. The details have revealed that the commoners at the said offices are facing sheer exploitation and harassment at the hands of the officials concerned. TheNation has witnessed that commission agents at the foreign offices attestation branch were demanding Rs 500 to Rs 2000 for the attestation of documents. The masses waiting in long queues for their turns outside the attestation branch of Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that they needed to get their documents attested from the attestation branch, which was a necessary requirement to fly for abroad. It takes two to three days, or even a week for the people to get their documents attested. On the contrary, if bribe is paid to the agents, attestation is done within no time without any objection being raised. We have to wait for two to three days for the documents attestation. In the event of public holidays, we are made to wait even for a week or so. However, if bribe is paid, they attest the documents just like that, masses at the foreign office reported. The similar kind of exploitative demeanour of the officials can be observed at passport office where the concerned officials are reportedly harassing people to the hilt. This correspondent witnessed that the passport officers were rejecting the requests of masses pertaining to passport making and renewal after raising trivial objections. However, once bribed, the passport requests are entertained and that too, within no time. In addition to that, city kutcheries, excise departments and commissioner offices are the breeds of exploitation and harassment where commission agents are multiplying their income at the cost of masses. The data gathered by this scribe reveals that ordinary people are forced to pay an extra amount of Rs 2000 to Rs 5000 for car registration, owner ship rights, land registration and other related official procedures. If you lack references and links to the higher-ups, then never forget to visit kutchery with a loaded pocket. You cant even think of getting the things done in time if you cant pay them some extra money, poor masses lamented. The officials of Excise and Taxation Department are reportedly charging extra amounts of Rs 2000 for vehicle registration and transference through commission agents who have created their makeshift offices outside the premises of the government office. Moreover, the commission agents at the land registration, commissioner and deputy commissioner offices as well, are believed to have close association with high governmental officials. When contacted, the concerned officials of the said departments denied their involvement in money mongering, in connivance with commission agents. Such agents are working on their own we have nothing to do with them. On the contrary, we keep taking actions against them off and on, the officials, wishing anonymity, mentioned. Meanwhile, credible sources said that the role of middleman couldnt be eradicated from government sector. Its a vicious circle. There is a massive mafia of moneymakers from top to bottom and everyone gets his share. Thats why no action can be taken against them and public exploitation goes on without being checked, sources added.