THE local Taliban have set up an illegal FM radio station in Darra Adamkhel and allegedly banned divorce without their consultation, reported BBC on Wednesday. They have also prohibited use of naswar (snuff) in the area. Local people said the Taliban had launched illegal FM radio channel about ten days back and its broadcasts are being heard in all areas of Darra Adamkhel. A local resident of the area, on request of anonymity, told the BBC that on the night of Tuesday, Taliban commander Tariq, in his address on the channel, made it clear to the people that no one would give divorce to their wives without consulting leaders of the group, warning that the one, who would disobey these orders, would face consequences. The Taliban have also told medical store-owners not to sell intoxicating drugs without prescription from a doctor, otherwise they would be given harsh punishment. They also have reportedly forbidden use of naswar in Darra Adamkhel. Confirming to the BBC, a shop-owner said the Taliban had told all naswar-sellers of Darra Bazaar to destroy their stocks about three days back and asked them not to do this business in future. He said after warning by the Taliban, almost all naswar-selling shops had been closed. Now, there had been severe shortage of snuff in the area, he added. The ban had created problems for the addicts who were approaching Peshawar and other adjoining areas to get the drug.