Mumbai carnage had "significant support from within India itself," President Asif Ali Zardari has said Pak needs cooperation from India to build the case for "effective prosecution" of the accused in courts in his country. "Our investigation into the Mumbai attacks is continuing," Mr. Zardari said in an interview to The Independent. "Some of these terrorists may in fact have been born in Pakistan. But we believe that this operation was international, with significant support from within India itself," he said when asked whether Pakistan had any news about the nine militants whose bodies are still in a mortuary in Mumbai. Asked to comment on India's charge that Pakistan was not doing enough to assist in the investigation into the Mumbai attacks, Mr. Zardari said: "I think the Indian government is not dissatisfied with the level of our cooperation." "We have offered to help, and we have helped. We have made substantial arrests of people within groups that may have been involved in the Mumbai attacks," he said. "But we need cooperation from India to build the case for effective prosecution of these accused in our courts. Many of the extremists are the same people that conduct acts of terrorism within our own country," Mr. Zardari said.