Years spent in Mecca by Sharif brothers during exile have enriched them in humility, something that showed during their 'suspension' and earlier disqualification. However, this humility was taken for granted by the PPP. Mr. Zardari has ruined the economy of the country rendering us slaves of the IMF and has weakened Pakistan so much in the last year or so that India, UK and USA now equate us with Afghanistan. And he has been able to do so because during this last one year, the PML-N has given him free reins by promising five years of continued rule. Mr. Zardari and his PPP do not deserve a day more in power after the deceptions, lies and breaches of national pledges they have done in the last one year. Their incompetence, misgoverance, loot and plunder has put out all hopes of improvement in infrastructure or relief for public in utility prices (of electricity, gas, water etc) or a betterment in the security situation. The poor have been devoured to the marrow of their bones by hoarders and profiteers. The government is relentlessly raising tariffs, GST, levies and other taxes on whatever it can tax, especially the oil and agricultural commodities whose international prices have gone down many times over. A mid term election under an impartial caretaker set up seems imperative and urgent now. -M. MOHAMMAD, Jhang, via e-mail, March 31.