KARACHI - A paint factory, located near the Siemens Chowrangi within the jurisdiction of SITE Police Station, caught fire accidentally that spread to another plant and a godown. Rafiq Shah, production manger of the factory, told that the fire had erupted in the chemical department when the labourers were busy with their routine work. Initially, unaware of the intensity of fire, we tried to extinguish it on our own, he added. He said that almost all of the available fire tenders in the city were immediately called to extinguish the fire but its rapid spread caused hurdle in the efforts initiated to control the situation. All of the factory employees were evacuated from the premises and, fortunately, none was injured. However, an official of Fire Brigade Department has declared the paint factory fire in SITE area as of third degree standard fire and said it had gone out of control due to the limited resources. He said that the fire of Buxly Paint couldnt be extinguished with out the sufficient quantity of foam. The towel factory and a godown located next to the paint factory also caught fire. The fire gutted premises of the factory due to which the first floor of the building collapsed. Volunteers and heavy contingent of the law enforcers also reached the scene. The roads leading towards the factory were also blocked to avoid any untoward incident. The factories located near to the paint factory were evacuated as well. The supply of the electricity and the gas was also closed. The fire could be controlled after five hours. Chief Fire Officer (CFO) Ehtishamuddin Siddiqui told while alleging to the factory management that no factory official was present at the scene while the rescue work was in action, adding that the rescuers were also engaged to put the fire off in the next factory and the storehouse affected by paint factory calamity.