ISLAMABAD - Robaiyat-e-Omar Khayam (Takhleeq-e-Nau) launching ceremony held here on Wednesday in the premises of Pakistan Academy of Letters. The book translated by eminent scholar Masroor Elahi Khan. PAL orgainised this event in collaboration with Jamhuri Publication. Speaking on the occasion Fakhar Zaman Chairman PAL said that translation is a difficult art but Masroor Elahi Khan has done a wonderful job with the help of his hard workProf. Khawaja Masud, Prof Fateh Mohammad Malik, Auria Maqbool Jan, Masroor Elahi Khan, Asad Mufti and Farrukh Sohail Goendi expressed their views. Fakhar Zaman said that not only the translation was very fine the production quality of the book was also very commendable and impressive. Farrukh Sohail Goendi understands the aesthetic of printing and production. His coming into the publishing field is very welcoming. I am fortunate enough to study Omar Khayam in Persian, as this language was my subject in my syllabus. He further said that without having any understanding about the historical background it is not possible for us to comprehend the actual meaning and depth of Omar Khayam poetry. But it is very unfortunate that the new generation is very much unaware of its grand heritage of Sufis poetry. Our literacy rate is not more than 35%. This is the reason why our generations are in such a distance from book and literature. Superficial thoughts and feelings have replaced the intellectualism. Rediscovery of our cultural and intellectual heritage is essential. To learn a language so rhythmic and sweet like Persian, will give us a way is rediscovery. Prof Khawaja Masud said that Omar Khayam created great poetry in Persian language and reflected through words the beauty of the nature. Prof Fateh Mohammad Malik said that a great and versatile personality emerges when equal command over both science and poetics is achieved. It is simply not only possible for us to rediscover our cultural and heritage without studying Omar Khayams poetry. Auria Maqbool Jan commented that Masroor Elahi Khan, through his hard work and command over both languages, has made translation an easy task. Farrukh Sohial Goendi said that I am very happy that such a remarkable book is published from my publishing house. I hope that it will help people think more positively. Asad Mufti added that Farrukh Sohail Goendi has published a very good-looking book and it seems that he didnt publish a book, but the words themselves. Masroor Elahi said that the poetry of Omar Khayam gives us a message to live a complete life.