KARACHI - Sargodha outplayed Iqra Karachi by big 79-33 margin to enter the quarter final of the twelve team Inter varsity basketball championship that got of to a start under spate of protests here Wednesday at the NED university gymnasium. In other matches of the day host NED defeated Sindh Jamshoro 56-26 and in anther low scoring contest LUMS Lahore beat Greenwich Karachi 47-23. Earlier Central University Punjab were awarded walk over Bannu which refused to take the court in protest against barring of its four players on eligibility ground. The referees ordered the teams to come onto the court but Bannu refused to take the court as protest. The officials waited for fifteen minutes before declaring Central Punjab the winner. All the winners moved into the quarter final of the championship. In the meantime Karachi University also lodged an official protest against Central Punjab player Muzammil Mahmood who they claimed was a departmental player. The organizers asked the protesting Karachi University to submit evidence against the players .Karachi University officials produced a written request by the player to its department Wapda for relieving him from his contract to enable him to play for the team. The technical committee of the championship is expected to take a decision on the protest some time early Thursday morning. On Thursday defending champion Punjab will meet Sargodha in the first quarter final.Other quarter finals slated for the day are between Karachi and LUMS, NED v Peshawar and Central Punjab v Balochistan University of IMS. Results: NED beat Sindh Jamshoro 56-26. NED 56(Habibullah 18, Ali Hafeez 12, Arsalan Khan 10,Umer Beg 8,M.Hammaduddin 6.). Sindh Jamshoro 26 (Saad Ghouri 15, Salman Ilyas 4, Abu Bakar 5). LUMS Lahore beat Greenwich Karachi 47-23. LUMS Lahore 47(Saad Tariq 14, Zubair 14, Dawood Tariq 4) Greenwich 23(Salman Aziz 9, Faraz Ali 3, Asad 5, Amyan Gilani 4). Sargodha beat Iqra Karachi 79-33. Sargodha 79(Adnan Abid 24, Sharon 14, M.Zareef 16, Hamza 12, Maqbool 6). Iqra Karachi 33( Hasan Ali 14,Faran Leghari 5). Central Punjab walk over Bannu.