With every passing day, Pakistan's sovereignty and independence seemingly is withering away in thin air and God forbid, more and more of our friends and well-wishers are ruthlessly offering comments that Pakistan is fast slipping into a failed state. Such an alarming situation has indeed been created since Pakistan opted to become a frontline ally in the War On Terror. US/NATO forces stationed in Afghanistan are striving to achieve their objectives. There are clear threats that the drone attacks will continue, no matter what the civilian rulers in Islamabad say. Even the US aid, running into billions of dollars, has been linked to "do more" by Pakistan in the War and in the process continue killing innocent people including women and children quite shamefully. Whatever we are getting from the US, in one or the other form, at the risk of losing our freedom and sovereignty, is much less than what a large number of Pakistanis including top political leaders have in their banks accounts around the world. All this big money has been earned from Pakistan and its people, by hook or crook. Cutting the bitter long story short, stop living luxuriously on borrowed money. Firmly say 'no' to the US aid and act now and fast as the time is running out and the situation is slipping out of our timid control. The writer is a freelance columnist