UNITED NATIONS - John Solecki, an American UN official who was kidnapped and held hostage for two months in Balochistan is back in his home in South Orange, New Jersey, a UN spokesperson said Thursday. John Solecki and his family would like to thank very much all those who have worked so hard over the past couple of months to secure his release, Michele Montas, the spokesperson, told the regular noon briefing. The media also played an important role in highlighting Johns plight throughout this period, she said, adding: After two difficult and stressful months separated from his loved ones, Johns first priority is obviously to spend time in private with his family. Solecki, 49, had been working for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees for several years before he was seized in Quetta on February 2. His driver was killed in the ambush. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has expressed his relief at Soleckis safe release last Saturday and thanked the Pakistan government for its efforts in securing his release. The US State Department issued an almost identical statement.