PESHAWAR (Agencies) - A suspected US missile strike killed four militants and wounded four other people in Wana Wednesday, security officials said. Drones initially flew over mountains around Gangi Khel, where the Taliban have some positions. There was some ground fire towards one of the drones and they left the area, said one security official, on condition of anonymity. Gangi Khel is a village around five kilometres west of Wana, the main town in the semi-autonomous South Waziristan district. Drones returned after some time and targeted a vehicle, which was parked near some shops. Four people were killed in the attack. Four others were wounded - they were either shopkeepers or local residents, the official said. Two security officials described the dead as militants, revising an initial death toll of two. It was not immediately clear whether any high-value targets were killed. Another security official had earlier said it was not known whether the target was a vehicle or a house.