Rampant deforestation

The world has been working hard to protect trees and ecosystem but unfortunately, in Pakistan, the situation is contrary. According to a recent report, issued by The World Wide Fund for Nature, Pakistans already meagre forest cover is being depleted by 2.1 percent, the highest annual deforestation rate in Asia. Another report of WWF revealed that more than 150,000 acres of forest cover has disappeared since the countrys inception in 1947. Undoubtedly, deforestation be it in the Indus delta or the mountains, carries severe socio-economic disadvantages. It is a fact that due to bourgeoning deforestation, ratio of hazardous gases in atmosphere increases. Depletion of ozone layer and fatal forms of air pollution are indeed caused by acute deforestation. In order to control deforestation, the government should strictly implement the law. Special programmes must be launched to encourage plantation on the national level. FAISAL REHMAN CHANNA, Sukkur, April 8.

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