Digital divide

In this modern era, where tech­nology and the internet play sig­nificant roles, the revolution of technology has brought numerous advantages and made our work easier. The use of online tools and resources is particularly valuable for language learning and teaching. The importance of technology can­not be denied, as it serves as a par­amount support for entrepreneurs to showcase themselves to the world. Most individuals are utilis­ing technology effectively.

However, unfortunately, in many educational institutions in Balo­chistan, teachers and students lack access to modern technologies and learning aids, such as multimedia, websites, and language laborato­ries. Additionally, in most areas of Balochistan, especially rural areas, there is no concept of internet ac­cess. It is undeniable that technol­ogy has transformed the world, yet Balochistan remains deprived of this valuable resource.

The role of a teacher is vital in imparting high-quality education to students. A teacher should not only be well-informed but also knowledgeable and skilled enough to provide effective education. A teacher can create a conducive and learning-oriented environment in the classroom, where students can enjoy and appreciate learn­ing. The role of a teacher for a stu­dent is akin to someone who not only quenches thirst but also in­stills a thirst for knowledge. Due to the lack of technology, teachers are unable to provide the knowledge students need. It is imperative that both the provincial and feder­al governments address this issue and devise solutions for ensuring access to technology for education.


Kolowaha Ashall.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt