Diversity celebration

I am writing to express my admi­ration for the recent Holi festival organized by the Pakistan Hindu Council (PHC) and to advocate for the promotion of interfaith harmo­ny and religious freedom for non-Muslim minorities in Pakistan.

The Holi celebrations, as report­ed in your esteemed publication, showcased a beautiful display of cultural diversity and communal harmony. It was heartening to read about how members of the Hindu community in Karachi came togeth­er to celebrate this joyous occasion, spreading colors of happiness and camaraderie at the Manora Beach Park. Such initiatives not only strengthen the bonds within the Hindu community but also contrib­ute significantly to fostering under­standing and tolerance among peo­ple of different faiths.

The decision of the PHC to orga­nize a vibrant music and dance pro­gram, coupled with the tradition­al rituals of Holi, reflects a spirit of inclusivity and openness. Further­more, the consideration shown by Krishan Sagar, the chief coordinator of PHC, towards his Muslim broth­ers and sisters during Ramadan by choosing a semi-private beach for the celebration exemplifies a pro­found respect for religious senti­ments and mutual coexistence.

In a country as diverse as Pak­istan, it is imperative to recog­nize and celebrate the rich tap­estry of cultures, traditions, and religions that coexist harmonious­ly. Every individual, irrespective of their faith, deserves the freedom to practice their religion without fear of discrimination or persecution. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the government and society at large to safeguard the rights of non-Mus­lim minorities and create an envi­ronment where they can thrive and contribute to the nation’s progress.

I believe that events like the Holi festival organized by the PHC serve as a reminder of the pluralistic ethos that lies at the heart of Paki­stan’s identity. By promoting inter­faith dialogue, mutual respect, and religious freedom, we can build a society that cherishes diversity and embraces unity amidst differences.

I commend the efforts of the Pakistan Hindu Council for orga­nizing such a delightful celebra­tion and urge all stakeholders to continue working towards creat­ing an inclusive and tolerant so­ciety where every individual can live and worship freely.



ePaper - Nawaiwaqt