Punjab Police Misstep

In a move that confounds and dismays, a TikTok personali­ty, embroiled in legal controversies ranging from forgery to fraud, was recently celebrated as a guest of honour at the Po­lice Training Academy in Lahore. This decision, bewildering in its disregard for the very principles the institution stands for, saw police officers, both male and female, rendering salutes to a fig­ure whose claim to fame is marred by notoriety rather than com­mendable public service. The individual in question, adorned with unwarranted VIP treatment, paraded through the academy, a stark departure from the events’ traditional grace and dignity.

If his mere presence was not enough embarrassment, the Tik­Tok personality appeared at the event dressed as a stereotypical thug from 80s Bollywood – wearing all black, gaudy sunglasses, shirt open till the navel, with heavy gold chains around his neck.

This incident not only mars the prestige of the academy but signals a troubling normalisation of mediocrity and moral lapse by the police hierarchy. It starkly raises the question: amid the vast expanse of social media influencers, many of whom main­tain respectable and inspirational profiles, why resort to hon­ouring a figure ensnared in legal troubles and known for cheap content? This choice reflects poorly on the academy’s judgment and undermines the values of decency and propriety we ought to uphold in our societal institutions.

As the digital age reshapes our cultural landscape, the allure of immediate popularity should not distract from the core values that guide public service and leadership. It is incumbent upon the Chief Minister of Punjab and senior police officials to reflect on this incident’s implications. They must consider the message it sends about their commitment to integrity and the standards they wish to set for future leaders emerging from their ranks. Let this moment serve as a call to reaffirm the principles that should define our public institutions and those they choose to celebrate.

Viral videos on TikTok or endorsements from Instagram mod­els will not improve the Punjab Police’s reputation at all – real, hard police work in the streets of Lahore will.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt