14 militant outfits operating in Balochistan, says ministry

ISLAMABAD - As Balochistan is in the grip of severe violence and mayhem, the Interior Ministry claims that around 14 militant organisations are operating in the province and they have carried out nearly 300 serious terrorist activities during the ongoing year.
According to a white paper issued by the Ministry of Interior, as many as 296 incidents of terrorism occurred in Balochistan only from January 2012 to July 2012, the responsibility for which was publicly claimed by 14 militant organisations.
The National Crisis Management Cell (NCMC) of the Ministry of Interior has compiled this data. The ministry says that the spokespersons or commanders of these militant organisations themselves publicly claimed the responsibility for these saboteur activities in Balochistan while making telephone calls to offices of media houses or journalists directly and it had the documentary proof of all these.
Among these organisations, Balochistan Republican Army (BRA) is on the top, as it claimed responsibility for 113 terrorism activities while Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) stands second, as it publicly claimed responsibility for 75 such incidents and Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) is at the third number claiming that it was behind 62 terrorist activities in the province.  
Similarly, Tehreek-e-Nafaz-e-Aman claimed responsibility for 13 terrorism activities, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) 11, Lashker-e-Balochistan six, Balochistan Waja Liberation Army and Balochistan United Army three each, Tahafuz Hadudullah, Baloch Republican Party Azad, Jash-e-Islam and Balochistan National Liberation Army two each while Balochistan Bunyad Parast Army and Islam Mujahidin claimed the responsibility of one each terrorist incident. Interior Minister Rehman Malik, during a press conference last Saturday, claimed that all these 14 militant organisations had been declared as proscribed by the ministry under his directions.
According to the official data of the Ministry of Interior, Balochistan Republican Army claimed responsibility for 113 terrorism activities in Balochistan only in seven months of this year. BRA is allegedly involved in terrorism attacks including remote-controlled blasts and rocket attacks on security forces, police, their check posts, police patrolling parties and their vehicles. During 2012, BRA claimed responsibility for attacks on gas pipeline in Pir Koh, FIA office at Mano Jan Road, Quetta, attack on Municipal Corporation office, Sibi. The organisation even claimed the responsibility of rocket attack in Karachi on February 5 where in one person was killed and four others injured. It also claimed responsibility of burning three trucks in Sorab, firing on a construction company in Kalat, attack on mobile towers in Turbat, on oil and gas search convoy, killing of Aman Lashker members in Dera Bugti as well as Sui and explosion of 220 KV towers in Naseer Abad.
Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) who claimed responsibility for 75 terrorist activities during 2012 is allegedly involved in firing and burning incidents of trucks, remote control as well as rocket attacks on security forces, their check posts and vehicles. BLF claimed the responsibility of killing SHO Awaran, destruction of construction machinery in Gawadar, stealing incidents of arms from levies in Awaran, killing informants in Basima as well as Gawadar, burning mobile tower machinery in Tump, attack on Costal Guard check post in Gawadar, attack on Chinese engineers, attack in Mand Blue, on police station in Awaran and a hand grenade attack on a shop in Shahi Bazaar, Gawadar.
Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) claimed the responsibility of 62 terrorist activities in 2012 including attacks on security forces, check posts specially in Kohlu at a number of times, killing informant in Kalat, blasting office of ex-district nazim in Kohlu, kidnapping labours, a mine blast on security forces in Loralai, attack on civilians in Behlol Basti, destruction of electricity towers in Quetta and oil tankers in Nushki, explosion of railway track in Ahmed Wall, hand grenade attack on houses of settlers, attack on Jaffer Express in Sibi, mortar attack on forces check post in Margat, remote control attack on forces check posts, on police ASI in Kalat, on cement factory vehicles in Hub and on oil tankers in Chamalang.
According to the documents of Ministry of Interior, Tehreek Nafaz-e-Aman, another militant organization claimed responsibility of 13 terrorist activities including target killing and plantation of mines and their explosion in Pir Sory, kidnapping and killing persons and commanders of BLA and BLF in Quetta at a number of times.
Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, a sectarian militant organization based in central Punjab is also operating in Balochistan and the ministry claims that it was involved in 11 saboteur activities in the province during the current year. LeJ publicly claimed the responsibility of attacks including firing on security forces as well as police in Mashkey, Quetta, attack on IT University bus in Quetta. LeJ has claimed responsibility of a number of terrorism activities that took place in Quetta, the provincial headquarter including firing incidents at Shah Waksha Road, Siriab Road, Mekcongi Road, Sabzal Road, Sipni Road, Prince Road, Qandhari Bazar, Liaqat Bazar and Abdul Sattar Road in Quetta.  Lashker-e-Balochistan claimed responsibility of six terrorist incidents including remote control bomb attack on FC and security forces in Khuzdar, Mach, Bolan and bomb attack on Jinnah Town Police Station, Quetta.
Tahafuz Hadudullan claimed its involvement in two such incidents including killing of two BLF commanders in Awaran.
Balochistan Waja Liberation Army claimed responsibility of three terrorist incidents including firing on police at eastern by-pass and rocket attack on bank van at Gahi Khan Chowk, Quetta. Balochistan Republican Party Azad claimed responsibility of remote control bomb attack on security forces in Pir Koh and gas pipeline destruction in Pir Koh while Balochistan United Army claimed three such incidents including rocket firing on forces’ vehicles in Kahan and killing of secret agency informers in Khuzdar.
Islam Mujahiddin allegedly killed an informer Zahid Khan in Turbat, Jash-e-Islam allegedly killed two persons in Mastung and killed four policemen at Badini link road in Quetta during 2012. Similarly, Balochistan National Liberation Army claimed responsibility of two terrorism activities including hand grenade attack on drugs den at Saryab Road, Quetta and on FC check post in Quetta.
Balochistan Bunyad Parast Army claimed the responsibility of killing commander Majid of Balochistan Liberation Front in Kharan on May 22, 2012.

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