PM sees shocking similarities in Nazi and Saffron regimes

Warns world of Hindu extremism emanating from India, Genocide of Muslims will not be tolerated, Rules out use of proxies in Kashmir, It is a Nazi regime, curtailing the rights of a minority and planning a genocide. There is no doubt that Modi plans ethnic cleansing of Kashmiris.

Islamabad - Prime Minister Imran Khan warned of supremist Hindu ideology emerging from India under the leadership of newly re-elected Prime Minister of India, Narindra Modi.

In an in camera briefing to select journalists, Prime Minister Khan shared his concerns regarding peace in the sub-continent in particular and the world in general because of the extreme right-wing ideology now openly unfolding from across the border.

“It is no longer a case of interests, but it is a difficult task of fighting an extreme and violent ideology,” warned the prime minister.

The briefing was called in to update the media on what’s happening on diplomatic front post Jammu and Kashmir incidents.

This week, on August 5, the Indian government announced plans to divide up the contested region of Jammu & Kashmir and change their constitutional settlement which sort of gave the region slightly semi-autonomous status. This was bound to have repercussions in Pakistan that has always stood firm on its stance on Kashmir.

“Let me tell you all very clearly, there will be far reaching consequences of what India has done. Pakistan has tried its best to avoid any tension at borders. For example, post-Pulwama, Pakistan’s stance was reconciliatory yet India sent fighter planes before they sent the dossier,” the PM said.

“I had hoped sense would prevail after elections [in India] but seems like BJP has become more haughty and almost a bully after their victory,” he continued.

Premier Khan spoke confidently and with clarity.

“Pakistan has taken every step to get itself out of the baggage of the past. There has been a complete cleansing operation [against the terrorists] following the directive of the National Action Plan. My government has ensured there is a complete and sincere effort to bring Pakistan out of FATF.”

Talking about his visit to the US, Khan said he was sure US administration was not taken on board by Modi government and informed about their nefarious designs on Jammu and Kashmir, and in that regards, Lindsey Graham’s tweet is of utmost importance.

About Afghanistan, he said, “A peaceful Afghanistan is in the interest of the world and certainly Pakistan’s interest is also seeing a peaceful Afghanistan. Our efforts in this regard are sincere. We want to ensure that Pakistan is doing everything to bring stability to the region. India on the other hand, is doing the opposite.”

What’s happening in Kashmir now may seem new and unbelievable, however, the plan was always there.

The prime minister said there were shocking similarities in what Narindra Modi is doing in Kashmir to what Adolf Hitler did in Germany. “It is a Nazi regime, curtailing the rights of a minority and planning a genocide. There is no doubt that Modi plans ethnic cleansing of Kashmiris.”

A question was asked about Pakistan and India being nuclear states, and escalation of tension between them going out of control.

“Kashmir is certainly a nuclear flashpoint. The world should realise that India’s irresponsible attitude could take us to a point of no return,” Khan remarked.

Prime Minister of Pakistan was absolutely clear that no non-state actors have ever served any purpose of Kashmiris. He vehemently ruled out the use of jihadi outfits in Kashmir. “There are more disadvantages [of using proxies] than advantages”

“So where do we go from here?” a question was asked.

“India has made a desperate effort to go full throttle on Jammu and Kashmir. They have used force and menace. Sooner or later, they will have to lift the curfew. They cannot keep everyone in jail forever; once dust settles, the people of Kashmir will speak up,” the PM commented.

“However, it is now clear that world will now be seeing a new type of ethnic cleansing. We are seeing extreme Hindu ideology taking over the saner elements of India, particularly in Hindu religion. Instead of teaching peace, they are opting for violence. Sooner or later it will affect all of us. The threat is more real now than ever before,” he went on to say.

To another question, the prime minister said if there happens a war, there will be no winners. “India is quite capable of doing a self inflicting attack and then make it an excuse to do some misadventure.” He made it clear that in such a scenario, Pakistan will surely respond.

The PM said Pakistan will explore all avenues of peace, and go to every international forum. “India just cannot deny the right to live to millions of Muslims, the genocide of Muslims in Kashmir and in India cannot and will not be tolerated.”

When asked how real was the threat. The prime minister looked straight as he answered without a second’s delay. “It is the most real threat”.

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