The district Tharparkar is spread over 19638 square kilometers with a population of approximately one million. Tharparkar is divided into seven Talukas: Chachro, Diplo, Mithi, Nagarparkar, Dhali, Islamkot and Kaloi. There are about 2500 small and large villages.

High-speed Internet and quality service is indispensable to process all virtual machinism productively in this high-paced globalized and digitalized world where today most of tasks are done in virtual domain or medium.

The progressive countries have been progressing in the field of science and technology, and channelizing their productive calories to produce news devices and tools.

When Pardeep Meghwar (Zuckerberg of Tharparkar) takes a step of pioneering Iskillers (I.T company and digital skills learning academy) that connects Tharparkar virtually with global world where Thari students are nurtured in the perspective of I.T field. Today, as a result, Thari freelancers are taking order internationally through their respective gained skill and earning to be independent rather than dependent on parents for their expenditures on daily basis.

Woefully, these emerging freelancers and numbers of people who have been using provided telecommunication services by Ufone and Telenor company throughout the Tharparkar get irritated simultaneously when they witness delays of 5 to 10 minutes in sending messages and downloading, interrupting of voice and video calls, and wait for an half hour in getting and sending online order.

Poor quality of internet service makes miserable living for those who use it on daily basis to process all virtual tasks.

Even more interestingingly, although both Telenor and Ufone are offering packages with high rates to their customers yet they provide poor quality internet service across the Tharparkar. As a result, subscribered packages go in vain and telecommunication companies get a lot of benefits, and become profiteers.

It is therefore requested to the government to make these companies accountable to ensure quality service of internet to customers as well as CEOs and representives of these companies to take notice on this public issue to get rid of this menace.


Tharparkar Sindh.