Pakistan emerged on the map of the world in 1947. The founder of Pakistan, Mr Muhammad Ali Jinnah, defined the motto of our country which was unity, faith and discipline. It is ironic that it is only written in our books. We have diverted ourselves from following the instruction of our Quaid. The current situation of the country is getting worse day by day. There is no rule of law. Everyone wants to come into power by hook and crook. Although every main political party is in the government, our country is far from stability and prosperity. In the federal government, there is the government of eleven parties, in Punjab and KPK, there is PTI and in Balochistan, there is BAP. But every political party is busy pulling the legs of other governments instead of struggling for the welfare of the general masses. Due to their unending fight, Pakistan is suffering. We are witnessing the downfall of rupees and the stock exchange of Pakistan. Lower and middle-income classes are crying due to a spike in inflation. There is an acute shortage of remittance of foreign investment. Still, no leader bothers to look at the plight of our country.

If they want to work for Pakistan, they should start work from their respective province or area where they are in government instead of chanting the indecent slogan against opponents. Now every political party is in power. So they can attract general people through their efforts and progress. It is the dire need of the hour to stand under the flag of Pakistan and make our beloved country an independent and developed country. Better days will come as Nasir Kazmi said.

“Good days will come, do not be sad, life is still not over.”