Inspiring summer camp by Alhamra Academy of Performing Arts

LAHORE   -  Alhamra Academy of Performing Arts has curat­ed an inspiring summer camp that polishes cre­ativity throughout the vacation season, extend­ing its brilliance until August 10.

Executive Director Alhamra Mr. Muhammad Sal­eem Sagar expressed his enthusiasm for the bud­ding talent in Kathak and theatre. These young stars, nurtured within the academy’s fold, are set to grace the stage with a mesmerizing theatrical performance as part of the summer camp. 

Sagar congratulated the dynamic duo leading the Alhmra Academy of Performing Arts - the Deputy Director of Library and Archives, Mr. Mu­hammad Arif, and the Academy Supervisor, Ms. Naveen Roma. He lauded their exceptional dedi­cation, highlighting how the academy has become a beacon, nurturing these young artists’ creative and constructive prowess. Under the expert guid­ance of the theatre class, the skilled Ms Rukhsa­na Khan imparts her wisdom while the talented Makhana shares the mesmerizing art of Kathak.

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