Secretary ESD acknowledges contributions of paramedics

RAWALPINDI - The Secretary, Emergency Services Department (ESD) Dr Rizwan Naseer acknowledged the contributions of Paramedics on the International Paramedics Day launched in 2022 to acknowledge the paramedics services who risk their lives to save the lives of emergency victims during any emergency and especially pandemics like COVID. 
Today, we recognize and honor the unwavering commitment, courage, and compassion displayed by paramedics worldwide. 
These views were expressed by the Secretary ESD Dr Rizwan Naseer in his message on International Paramedics Day on Saturday.
The ESD has rescued over 12.8 million victims of different emergencies across Punjab since its inception and saved many lives. Especially during COVID when no one was willing to come near the COVID victims Rescue 1122 Emergency Paramedics provided emergency care to over 23,000 to COVID victims and carried out dignified burials of over 4000 victims. He commended Rescue Paramedics for this selflessness and bravery. 
He said that this is a relatively young profession especially in Pakistan but it is growing rapidly with a very wide range of paramedics roles being carried out in different fields and we want to showcase this diversity in 2023. He also acknowledged the contributions of Mr. Dominique-Jean Larrey, the man often referred to as the ‘father of modern-day ambulance services’.
Every day, ambulance paramedics confront challenging and often life-threatening situations, providing critical care and support to those in need. Their skills, expertise, and quick thinking make a significant difference in countless lives, and their contributions do not go unnoticed.
The Secretary added that tireless efforts to provide emergency medical assistance and stabilize patients are truly remarkable. Whether responding to accidents, medical emergencies, or natural disasters, they are at the forefront, making split-second decisions and applying their knowledge and training to save lives.
“We acknowledge the sacrifices you make, the long hours you work, and the emotional toll that comes with the job. Your ability to remain composed under pressure and bring comfort to those in distress is a testament to your exceptional character and dedication,” he added.
On this special day, he extended his deepest gratitude to each and every paramedics who served their community and beyond. Their commitment to excellence in pre-hospital care is commendable, and he recognized the vital role they played in the healthcare system.
The Secretary also expressed his appreciation to the families and loved ones of paramedics, who support and stand by their side through the challenges and demands of this noble profession. Paramedics understanding, strength, and encouragement are invaluable.
“All paramedics are the unsung heroes who make a profound impact on society. Their bravery and compassion inspire us all. Today, we honor you and say thank you for your unwavering dedication to saving lives and making a difference,” Dr Rizwan Naseer concluded.

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