Tribesmen appeal for increased security measures

Resurgence of militancy in Khyber

Khyber   -  Tribesmen in Khyber have voiced growing worries over the resurgence of militancy and have appealed to the state for increased security measures. The focus on tribal economic progress has been overshadowed by concerns about mineral exploitation within the district. A unified effort to restore peace in Khyber is set to unfold through a public gathering organized by the Political Alliance in Bara on Saturday, August 12.

Shah Faisal Afridi, the leader of Sayasi Ittehad (Political Alliance) Bara, conveyed these sentiments during a recent press conference held at the Landi Kotal press club. Standing alongside Sadiq Charagh, Zahid Afridi, Advocate Farhad Afridi, Aftab Shinwari, and others, Afridi emphasized that the tribespeople had endured immeasurable hardships over the past two decades due to the war on terror, all in the pursuit of lasting peace in the region. Yet, the reappearance of militancy has diminished the value of their sacrifices.

Afridi further highlighted instances of civilian casualties from target killings in Bara, accompanied by a rise in ransom demands that have raised doubts about the efficiency of security agencies. He pointed out that despite promises of economic support and incentives made during the merging process, tribesmen were largely excluded from these benefits, deliberately keeping them underdeveloped— an injustice that demands redress.

Calling for tribal unity, Afridi urged the community to join forces to secure their basic right to durable peace. To convey their concerns to the government, a public gathering is being organized in Bara. The event is expected to draw a significant attendance from across Khyber, with political leaders from mainstream parties in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa set to address the gathering.

In a gesture to engage local stakeholders, visiting political leaders distributed invitations to the Bara Political Alliance public gathering among traders and tribal elders. The event seeks to channel collective grievances into a united front for peace and development, addressing the pressing security issues and economic disparities faced by the people of Khyber.

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