Accountability court acquits PM’s Special Assistant Ahad Cheema


LAHORE  -  An accountability court on Friday acquitted Ahad Khan Cheema, the special assistant to caretaker prime minister, in assets beyond means reference filed by the National Ac­countability Bureau (NAB).

Accountability Court Judge Ali Zu­lqarnain allowed the acquittal appli­cation of Ahad Khan Cheema while announcing the reserved verdict. The court had reserved its verdict on acquittal application after hear­ing detailed arguments of the NAB prosecutor and the defence counsel, earlier in the day. Ahad Khan Chee­ma also appeared before the court during the proceedings.

Earlier, on November 27, in a sup­plementary report, the NAB in­formed the court that Ahad Chee­ma’s assets were consistent with his known income, asserting that properties held by alleged benam­idars/relatives were not his. The properties owned by the alleged benamidars/relatives of Ahad Cheema did not belong to him as they (benamidars) acquired the as­sets with their own independent and legitimate sources, it added. The report further indicated that assets attributed to Ahad Cheema aligned with his income and the bureau verified the record provid­ed by him and found it to be accu­rate. The NAB report stated that, based on evidence, the case under NAO, 1999, was not substantiated. Ahad Khan Cheema had also served as Lahore Development Authority director general during the PML-N government in Punjab.

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